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Manzanares Lawyers

Manzanares Lawyers are an experienced International law firm with their principal area of practice in real estate law. The company has been established for over 15 years and has a deep rooted understanding of how to apply the law in each geographical location.

DLC Abogados

DLC Abogados are a firm born out of the professional experience of a lawyer who, having run and managed a large firm which provided complete legal services, decided to operate in an exclusive field.

Fluent Finance Abroad

Fluent Finance Abroad specialise in finding for their clients the most appropriate form of finance to purchase their dream home overseas, whether it is a holiday home or purely for investment purposes.

Ambience Home Design By Andrea Bock

Ambience is an interior design firm based in Marbella, Spain, with focus on residential and commercial design throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. The driving force behind Ambience is to uniquely create and transform environments for people to enjoy and live in, by fusing culture, drama and distinct designs that evoke personal taste, passion and timeless beauty.

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